On the Subject of Moles

The Mothership certainly needs to have a mole inside the establishment, Calarts (Institutional).

Perhaps we can make the story all the more poignant if the mole was once a Calartian who in the absence of a vital alumni organization succumbed to a career as an arts administrator.

We would have an advantage, in that once a Calartian, always a Calartian, even if given over to the dark side.

Would you like to be a mole for the mothership?

Think about it, an application will appear on the pages of this private blog, shortly.


The Under League and The Prestige

The Calarts Mafia — heretofore dubbed the Under League — is the Los Angeles Chapter of the Self-Organizing Principle of Calartians (known to C-Institutional as the “Alumni Body”).

We are pleased to announce that the chapter has been approved and appointed to the generous care of the suitably named Rainbow Underhill.

Membership fees have not yet been determined and will not be collected until we have determined how to make it well worth it.

The organization’s membership will be recognized at two levels.

1 Rogue (free and automatic, no benefits, please contact the Alumni Department at Calarts).

2 The Prestige (fee-based membership by nomination only, with diverse benefits contributed by incredibly well-organized, tech-empowered, qualifying membership).